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Skin, that is accustomed to the sun, has its own natural protection. This natural protection must be watched carefully. The desired, golden coloring to the skin is formed by the effects of the sun on the filtering substance in the skin, known as “melanin”, which is progressively distributed throughout the epidermis. The pigmentation that is formed absorbs and limits the penetration of the harmful UV rays. SUNTIME medium SPF 17 is therefore the ideal sun cream for less sensitive skin, that is used to the sun.


Apply approximately half an hour before sunbathing to allow the protective effect to develop. Keep an eye on the intensity of the sun. Reapply regularly during prolonged exposure to the sun.

6.8 oz. / 200 ml, Item # 3665V

Active Ingredients

UVA / UVB Filters, Jojoba Oil, Erythrulose, Panthenol, Allantoin, Ling Zhi Extract, Vitamins B and E, lem-ongrass Oil


SUNTIME special can be used by men, women, and children of all ages with any skin type. If a stronger protection is de-sired, apply SUNTIME special a second or third time with intervals of 10 minutes. In General: One application corresponds to SPF 17, the second to approx. SPF 30 , the third to approx. SPF 55.

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