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A night time cream, water/oil emulsion. As a result of its selected oils and lipids, Crème Regenerative is an exceptionally smooth cream. It is particularly suited to the treatment of more mature skin, especially one which has been exposed to strong sunlight. It should also be used for intensive treatments starting at the age of thirty, in cases where the skin is dry or prone to wrinkles.


For professional use: Crème Regenerative is exceedingly suitable as a high quality massage cream. 

For home use:  Crème Regenerative should be used frequently as night time preparation and during the course of a treatment it is advisable to apply the crème at day and night. Apply after cleansing and clarifying, and massage in lightly

1.6 oz. / 50 ml, Item # 3401V

8.4 oz. / 250 ml, Item # 3401C

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