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Innovative peel-off mask. Algae is an ingredient highly relevant for modern, contemporary skin care. Today algae is not only used in cosmetics, but also in the pharmaceutical industry, and in human and animal nutrition. The properties of the polysaccharides contained in algae are well-known and used in skin care. The skin tissue is tightened and highly moisturized. The complexion appears pure and even. Spoil your customer with this refresh-ing treatment.

Cold Therapy Mask

Our new preparation Cold Therapy Mask is designed for all types of dry skin, including irritable and hypersensitive skin as well as skin prone to allergies. It is recommended to apply the matching ampoule under the mask, dependant on you skin condition.


For salon use: Empty sachet content into 125 ml cold water. Mix rapidly and apply mask in one continuous action to face and neck. Leave the mask on to take effect for about 15 to 20 minutes and remove the mask carefully.

10 x 1.4 oz. / 40 g, Item # 3300C


Apply a high quality active ingredient Multipulle under the mask.

Ask your customer before the treatment if it is acceptable for her to have her eyes and mouth covered.

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