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The Clay Mask allows you to perform more treatments to deep cleanse the pores, stimulate cell production and remove dead cells, which will lead to brighter skin.

The skin can act “younger” and regains its former smoothness. The freshness effect of the skin appears almost immediately, thanks to the substances hygroscopic capacity. A lot of vitality and extra care for a longer beautiful and youthful looking skin.

Clay Mask

Deep cleansing clay mineral gel mask with smectite-rich Montmorillonite. Binds pollutants and is rich in minerals. The expandable clay minerals remove pollutants, toxins and surplus oil from the skin and binds them into the clay minerals. The light tingling sensation that may be experienced, revitalizes the skin and leaves it feeling pleasant.


Apply a thin layer of the Clay Mineral Gel Mask and keep it moist with steam or com-presses for approx. 10 minutes. Remove the Mask with sponges or compresses and cleanse skin impurities.

2.5 oz. / 75 ml, Item # 66981C

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