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Gently but effectively, these precious ampoules of pure baobab fruit extract release their high-concentrate active ingredients, noticeably improving the appearance of your skin and leaving your complexion looking fresh and firm. In order to keep skin looking youthful and radiant as long as possible, baobab ampoules also contain an extraordinarily high portion of natural skincare ingredients in a carefully balanced formula. Don’t hide the freshness of your skin any longer; discover the magic formula of baobab and bring out your natural radiance. 

Directions for Use

After cleansing skin in the evening break open the ampoule carefully, protecting your fingers with a cotton pad. Empty the contents of the ampoule into the palm of your hand. Smooth on evenly over face, neck and décolleté. Massage gently into the skin with both hands until the ampoule is completely absorbed. Then apply the baobab creme gently over top.

TIPBaobab ampoules enhance the success of intensive treatments in cosmetic institutes and, when used as a spa treatment, leave skin looking visibly smoother and more even, with a more youthful looking skin structure.



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